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Chemist Warehouse, founded by Jack Gance and Jack Muir in 2000, has become a leading retail pharmacy chain in Australia. The first store opened in the Melbourne suburb of Braybrook. Known for its distinctive yellow and green signage, Chemist Warehouse quickly gained popularity for its discounted pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Chemist Warehouse offers an extensive product range covering pharmaceuticals, vitamins, beauty and skincare products, weight management supplements, and general health and wellness items. The stores carry both popular brands and a range of generic or house-branded products, contributing to competitive pricing.Chemist Warehouse is recognized for its commitment to providing affordable healthcare. The"Always Low Prices"philosophy has made it a go-to destination for Australians seeking cost-effective pharmaceuticals and wellness products. The founders, Jack Gance and Jack Muir, brought a background in pharmacy and retailing to create a business model that emphasized bulk purchasing and passing on the savings to customers.

Chemist Warehouse has expanded significantly since its inception. It has over 500 stores across Australia. While specific operating hours may vary by location, it is common for stores to open around 9-10 am and close aroud 6-7 pm. It's essential to check our store locator above for the most up-to-date information on the number of locations and operating hours