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Foodland is a grocery store chain that was founded in 1950. It is a cooperative of independently owned supermarkets rather than a single entity. Each Foodland store is independently owned and operated, allowing local business owners to serve their communities with a personalized touch.

The product range at Foodland stores typically covers a variety of grocery items, fresh produce, bakery goods, meat, dairy, and household essentials. The cooperative model allows each store to curate its selection based on the preferences of its local customer base.Foodland supermarkets are often characterized by their community-focused approach, emphasizing local produce and community engagement. Many Foodland stores are known for supporting local farmers and producers, showcasing a commitment to promoting regional products.

Foodland has expanded its presence in various states and territories across Australia, becoming a recognizable brand in the grocery retail sector. The usual operating hours of Foodland stores can vary based on the specific location, local regulations, and the preferences of individual store owners. Many Foodland stores are open seven days a week, providing convenience for customers throughout the week, including weekends. To find the most accurate and current information regarding the operating hours of a specific Foodland store, you can check our store locator above.